Image PR and Coca-Cola HBC launched the 1st augmented reality app to promote an employer


Image PR and Coca-Cola HBC launched the 1st augmented reality app to promote company’s new Management Trainee program. The app is one of the online components of the campaign  “Destination: management”, along with the career website and company’s Facebook page.

The app has the role to show, in a spectacular way, the new recruiting program and to communicate, in an inedite manner, the values  Coca-Cola HBC is seeking for its future young managers: talent, passion, dynamism and effervescence.

Starting from program’s visual, made together with a digital artist, it was created a three-dimensional replica that allows users to discover how challenging can be the road towards a future career in a management position.

The app is available online, on Coca-Cola HBC’s career website, and can be downloaded for free by users. The access within the app is made through a special business card, that will be distributed at students’ events where Coca-Cola HBC is present, but also offered as prize in contests that will take place on the Facebook page.

The campaigns made to promote Coca-Cola HBC employer brand are new each time, and the one launched this year makes no exception. The idea of the app came from the desire to create an attractive and interesting tool for young students and University graduates targeted by “Destination: management” program

Catrinel Burghelea

Account Manager Image PR

 It is for the 1st time when an augmented reality app is used to promote a recruiting program from a company. We think it is a positioning that represents us and that expresses the best the profile of the people we want to integrate in our team: creative, dynamic, always looking for new challenges

Simona Simoiu

Communication Specialist Coca-Cola HBC Romania

“Destination: management” is a program of accelerated professional development following which 6 young students or graduates will become managers at Coca-Cola HBC Romania. Management Trainee program will last 2 years and will start in October 2012.