FMCG and Pharma – sectors with most interest on Philip Kotler’s training in Bucharest

Business, Marketing

The people working in FMCG and Pharma are the most interested in  Philip Kotler’s certified training to take place on June 1st, at Romanian Atheneum. The training is running under Marketing 3.0 umbrella, an event organized by V+O Communication, Confident Public Relations and Choice Management & Consulting.

Over a quarter from the total number of participants at Marketing 3.0 are big corporations, with over 500 employees, while medium companies – 100-500 employees – will be the best represented at the event. Also, almost a third of participants are coming from companies with around 100 employees.

During Marketing 3.0, the 1st training accredited by Kotler Impact Institute and targeted towards business people, managers and marketing & communication professionals from all industries, Philip Kotler will talk about the importance of post-recession period marketing and the methods to satisfy the consumption appetite of G Generation ( Tech dependent generation). The training will include 2 sessions (2 1/2 hrs each) during which the participants will find out about the newest trends in marketing.