ROADS: Romanian online advertising market in 2011 – RON 91.8M

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Romanian online advertising market reached to RON 91.8M in 2011, up from RON 86M in 2010. According to ROADS (Romanian Online Advertising Study), made by IAB Romania and PwC Romania), the value of the online market was of Euro 21.7M (for 1Euro= RON 4.23).

The 22 companies that participated to the study posted, during S2, revenues of RON 48M, 10% higher compared to S1 and 9% higher than homonym semester in 2010. Reported the reference group in 2010, the value of online advertising market in S2 2011 increased 8.8% compared to S1, but also decreased by 5.6% compared to the same period in 2010.

Differently from S1 2011, when financial sector was leading the online advertising spendings, telecom took over in S2, followed by Financial and Auto. Telecom is also the sector that leads in the annual top of online advertising investments.

For the entire year, the dynamics of online advertising revenues for all companies that entered the study increased by 7% compared to 2010. Reported to the reference group, the revenues decreased by 7.3% compared to 2010.

For ROADS, the participant companies are reporting net revenues.

As media market is still facing a difficult situation, despite the reduction of printed press, that should have supplemented the revenues for the remaining ones, online advertising market posted a 7% increase compared to 2011. Online advertising market’s development rhythm might seem moderate. But if we compare it with the situation back in 2007, the 1st year when PwC Romania ran ROADS for IAB Romania, we notice that the reported medium annual growth rate of the market was 21.2%.  This way, the online advertising market registered one of the highest development rates compared to other sectors, during the last 5 years

Ruxandra Bandila,

Director, Marketing, Communication & Business Development PwC Romania

ROADS study structurates the investments in Romanian online advertising depending on used ads formats, advertisers categories, months (to determine seasonality) etc.

For the next edition of the study, IAB Romania and PwC will start collecting data in the start of July.