Toyota Scion and Attik proclaim: “Driving is back”


Scion (a Toyota brand) and global creative agency ATTIK launched a new cross-media campaign in US for the new 200hp, rear-wheel drive 2013 Scion FR-S sports coupe, under the tag line “Driving is Back” .

Scion is extremely excited about the launch of the FR-S (…) The rear-wheel drive sports car is the brand’s halo car that pound-for-pound and dollar-for-dollar, is igniting the passions of a whole new group of driving enthusiasts. Together with our partners at ATTIK, we are absolutely thrilled to kick-off the campaign inviting everyone to rediscover the fun of driving with the FR-S.

Jack Hollis

Vice President, Scion

In this campaign, the radical new FR-S itself is first and foremost (…) To us, there are very few exciting cars out there that are also practical on some level… and the FR-S gets great gas mileage while maximizing performance. So naturally, our campaign demonstrates the power and handling of this amazing car – most often in the hands of drifting champ and renowned racing driver Ken Gushi, who drove the car in many of the exciting driving scenes. Across every campaign facet, our overall goals are to excite, inspire, drive people to explore the FR-S online and get them into dealerships and behind the wheel.

Simon Needham

Attik Co-founder & executive creative director

“Driving is Back” campaign was conceived by Attik’s creative director Ron Lim, art director Mike Cornell and copywriter Andy Sciamanna, and its out-of-home elements are live in 40 locations in 26 major U.S. markets.

Besides the TV ads, the campaign also includes print (with spreads to appear mid-June in Sports Illustrated, Maxim, Motor Trend, and Men’s Journal) and banner placements. The campaign also includes activations via innovative media, such as smartphone apps to invite readers to watch the FR-S in action through Digimarc codes embedded in the print.

The brand and agency once again have many leading technology, creative, production and post-production partners to thank for their campaign contributions. Among those are commercial production company Blueyed Pictures, editorial company Lost Planet, CGI/VFX company Brewster Parsons, and music company Squeak E. Clean Productions.

For Attik, additional credits include senior broadcast producer Patty Lum and senior account manager Michelle O’Hea, to name but a few. Complete campaign credits are available upon request. Full campaign credits are available here.

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