Chainsaw Audio produces music for US TV channel Fox


Music composed by Chainsaw Europe was selected by music producers of the hit summer show “So You Think You Can Dance” which aired last night, June 13th, on the Fox Television network.

“So You Think You Can dance” is one of the top 10 summer shows from the producers of the most successful network show in the last 20 years on US television, “American Idol”.

I am very happy that the US television market respects works coming from our composers
John M. Florescu
CEO Centrade USA & Founder Chainsaw
The segment composed by Chainsaw Audio musical director Marius Leftarache was used to score a segment shot in Salt Lake City. The actual piece called “Melting”, is an electro style composition and airs in the first three minutes of the hit show.
It’s a personal honor and a great opening for our team to be recognized at the highest reaches of American television (…) Network television in the US is a tough business and producers receive music from thousands of great artists from all over the world. We hope it’s a start of great long term collaboration with Chainsaw Audio.
Marius Lefterache

Previous to this, the romanian producer wrote music for “Rusty Steel”, Romanian production in English, to be launched this autumn, but also for “Monies, Cons and Bones”, a comedy produced by Cristian Comeaga and launched last year. Marius’ music is also used in ads for brands such as Mercedes, Sony and P&G.

Marius Leftarache is one of the 12 composers selected by Chainsaw Europe from Romania, UK, US, Germany and Turkey, with the purpose to write original and library music for TV, film and advertising.

Chainsaw Audio, part of Chainsaw Europe family, specializes in finding the perfect music and musical design for clients in the world of TV, film and advertising.  Chainsaw Europe was launched in Romania in 2005 and has among clients companies such as 20th Century Fox, The Discovery Channel, BBC, HBO, National Geographic Channel and New Regency Pictures.