Deslingual offered free clothes to 100 people from Bucharest that came to its store half-naked

Guerilla, PR

100 Bucharest people with no inhibitions waited in their underwear the opening of Desigual store in Baneasa Shopping City to receive for free a full dress change.

“You come half naked and you leave fully dressed” is motto of the no inhibition event of the year, semiNAKED by Desigual, that is already at its 2nd edition in Romania.

Desigual summer promotions started with a concept of event that was successful in other European and US towns. Desigual offered clothes to the most courageous 100 fans of the brand that reached to the store wearing only underwear. The event was organized in the same time in Bucharest, Geneva and Dusseldorf.

For the courageous consumers that came wearing only underwear, Desigual opened the store a few hours earlier, with one hour exclusively for them, to chose the favorite clothes.

Desigual’s event is targeting, in a courageous and unconventional way, to all people that feel young and revel.