Many Shades of Gay – a cross media campaign from Attik and San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Ads, Creativity

Attik worked closely with San Francisco AIDS Foundation and prominent health organizations to a new cross-media marketing campaign, “Many Shades of Gay“, with campaign’s mobile- and tablet-optimized HTML5 website being heavily promoted with Attik’s online banners, print and out-of-home ads, as well as colorful drink coasters now in wide use within scores of local bars.

We set out to do something incredibly ambitious – to change behaviors among gay and bi-sexual men in San Francisco and make frequent HIV testing the social norm (…) From our first meetings with ATTIK last year, it was clear that they felt very strongly about giving back to our community.  While they took on our project on a pro-bono basis, their creativity, expertise and professionalism have been limitless and absolutely extraordinary.

James Loduca

VP Public Affairs  San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Attik’s project team involved creatives, designers, strategic planners, account service and production professionals.

The San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s research and guidance told us that HIV testing every six months is good for the community, so together, we set out to promote the diversity of this community while encouraging them to get tested regularly (…) Our website is the cornerstone of the campaign, and it’s intended to be both engaging and informative.  Visitors can create and share their own unique avatar to show off their individuality, and they can also learn about HIV testing, find testing centers, and set reminders to be tested again every six months.

Ron Lim

Creative director Attik

On Attik’s side, other key contributors include interactive creative director Jacob Ford, senior account manager Amanda D’Aloise, planning director Tonia Lowe, senior copywriter Andy Sciamanna, senior art director Mike Cornell, designers Gabe Nguyen and Natalie Kuo, interactive art director Jeff Fang, senior interactive producer Craig Heesemann and design technologist Andy McCoy.

Among the agency’s most daunting challenges was creating the avatar-generator on the website, which like all other campaign materials was designed and produced entirely in-house.  The result is the world’s most robust avatar generator, offering nonillions of unique configurations… even before accounting for the various color options for clothing.

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