400% sales increase in 3 hours for Stilago, following an SMS campaign by HyperActive and Mobile Works

Digital & Media, Marketing, Mobile

HyperActive and Mobile Works ran, on June 13th, an SMS promotional campaign for Stilago, the most exclusive online fashion store in Romania.

We are permanently looking for new ways of involving consumers and increase out business. For this campaign, we chose to implement an SMS strategy because it allows us to have a dialogue and to be connected with our target anytime and anywhere. I am very happy for the results that confirmed to us the efficiency of mobile marketing

Mira Anghelescu

General Manager Stilago Romania

During the SMS campaign, that lasted 3 hours, Stilago sales increased 4 times compared to the similar period of a normal day. Consumers in Stilago’s target that brought clothes during the promotion benefited of a supplemental discount added to the small prices already on the website, when ordering for a set minimum order value.

There is no secret that mobile users are hyper-involved and hyper-connected through messages on mobile phones. It is an opportunity marketing specialists in companies are using more and more often. In terms of ROI, we couldn’t have hoped to a more obvious demonstration on how powerful mobile marketing is and the results that can be achieved

Alex Visa

Managing Partner HyperActive

For this campaign, HyperActive and Mobile Works offered Stilago services of database management and optimization, SMS strategy, copywriting for SMS text and messages sending.

To have spectacular effects, Push SMS campaigns must start from a well structured strategy. The copy, the text the consumer finds out when he opens the message, is very important and that is why it has to be very attractive to generate target’s reaction. If  you have all these ingredients, the results aren’t late to appear. And we combined them efficiently in such a way that, in 3 hours, we increased sales by over 400%

Alex Putineanu

Managing Director Mobile Works

For Stilago, HyperActive runs AdWords campaigns, banners, Facebook campaign and also offers online sales optimization strategy services.