HyperActive and Mobile Works developed a new augmented reality application for Orange


HyperActive and Mobile Works developed a new augmented reality application for Orange. The application called Orange Explorer will be followed by a series of activations that will promote the Orange Young mobile plan and the website Nelimiteaza-te.ro. The media strategy will be handled by Initiative Romania.

We want our clients to enjoy their smartphones or at least we want them to intend buying one, that’s why we built the Orange Explorer app. We wanted to create an experience for the users and to encourage their purchase craves but also their craves for adventure. And so, Orange Explorer was born. A creative, surprising world where all these desires can become real

Flavia Cozma

Online Communication Specialist, Orange.

The application Orange Explorer was launched on April 28 with 2 first activations, called Antipa and Graffiti and is now avaliable on iPhone and Android.

We faced a tough double challenge. A technical one and another, strategical. We wanted to deliver the message in a spectacular and in the same time interactive way, for a target that is becoming harder and harder to impress. I’m talking about the young people. And the smartphone was the perfect conversation starter. Orange Explorer is the bridge that takes you to an ‘undiscovered’ part of the city.

Adrian Rădulescu

Account Executive HyperActive.

The Antipa execution was developed within the National Museum for Natural History, “Grigore Antipa”. The users were invited to embark into a journey back in time and meet 2 species of mammoths. After scanning the markers inside the museum, 3D mammoths would appear on the mobile screen.

Orange Explorer is among the first augmented reality apps in Romania that reveals dynamic antimated contents. It is a platform that will host many other activations and each of them will have a different concept and different targets

Ersilia Baragan

Mobile Marketing Specialist Mobile Works.

The second activation, Graffiti, targeting young people, focused on urban & street art. Orange invited users to express their talents by making a graffiti drawing inside an online application. The best works were later included in the augmented reality app and markers were displayed at the subway stations. By placing the smartphone 5 meters away from the markers, you were able to see the entire gallery of graffiti drawings.

Initiative took part in the campaign, being in charge with finding the best media channels. The agency coordinated the social media and online campaign (display advertising and Facebook ads), the media placements on billboards at the subway , on TV screens and in print. The agency also invited 20 well-known bloggers to a private tour of the graffiti gallery at Antipa Museum.

View more information about the team involved in the project Hyperactive website or Initiative website.

– Orange Romania: Flavia Cozma – Online Communications Specialist, Anca Stancov – Head of Media, Mirela Bosoi – Head of Brand and Communication;
– HyperActive and Mobile Works: Client Service: Adrian Rădulescu, Ersilia Baragan, Oana Cazan, Florin Bucă, Alina Marin; Project Management: Razvan Scarlatescu; Development: Marius Barbulescu, Raluca Stan, Catalin Lungu, Florin Capațana; Creatie: Bogdan Gheorghiu, Stefan Parcalabescu, Alina Radut, Octavian Giosanu, Celia Draganoaia and Vlad Macarie;
– Initiative: Client Service: Anca Tanase, Andreea Corbos, Mihaela Nastasa, Elena Mihalcea, Cristina Traistaru, Alina Gruianu.


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