Initiative: 10% of consumers influence the buying decisions of the others

Marketing, Media, Studies

10% of consumers are the ones that are influencing the buying decision for the other consumers, being “top influencers”, with 50% of them getting to recommend products or services online at least once a day, according to a recent Initiative study.

As the borders between TV, social media and mobile are disappearing, supported by tech advances, this gives birth to a new group of consumers, with a much powerful influence over decisions to chose brands, according to “The Age of Social Influence”, the most recent study made by Initiative network.

The study covered over 8,000 people aged 16-54y.o from Argentina, Australia, China, Germany, Netherlands, US and UK.

We are facing a new change in consumers’ conduct, a profound change, that attracts also a change in marketing strategies. Today, consumer cannot be defined only by its socio-demographic profile, but also after its capacity to influence other consumers’ buying decisions

Andreea Dinescu

Client Service Director Initiative