Gemius Report: Mobile market boom opens promising marketing perspectives in CEE

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The dynamic rise of the mobile internet is one of the most distinct phenomena of the internet market in CEE. In 2011,the average share of mobile page views  generated in the region was 2.5 times larger. Although the mobile revolution is yet to come, such a result forecasts a bright future for further development of mobile internet in CEE, creating new challenges to mobile advertising as well as m-commerce and m-payments.

According to “Do You CEE?” report 2011, made by Gemius in cooperation with IAB Europe, more and more internet users in CEE are changing their traditional phones with “smart” ones, a  trend mostly observed in the Baltic states, with the share of mobile page views has increased more than sixfold in 2011 in Estonia or Lithuania. Therefor, it may be expected that smartphones or tablets will become the preferred channels used by marketers in order to stay in contact with their clients, with major players in CEE e-commerce sector already using mobile applications to encourage their customers to purchase different products or services via their mobile platforms.

Turkey and Lithuania are the countries where the potential of mobile internet seems strongest. Whit the average of page views generated by mobile devices in the whole region amounted to 6% (according to the gemiusTraffic data for June 2012), in Turkey this result was over twice as big and, in Lithuania, the same indicator went beyond the 10% threshold.


Although mobile internet is on the rise in CEE , the share of page views generated from traditional PCs is still incomparably higher. Shares of page views made with the devices running on most popular mobile operating systems, Android or iOS, do not exceed a mere 1% when compared to the total number of  page views made in CEE. Still, mobile page views made with these operating systems grew more than four times over 12 months , with Android being the most popular system in CEE. According to gemiusTraffic for June 2012, close to 50% of all mobile page views were registered from devices using Android, with more than half pages (55%) accessed from Android devices in Slovakia, Hungary and Belarus.

2nd place in mobile OS went to Apple’s iOS, with 35% of mobile page views generated from mobile devices run by this system. Still, Turkey, Croatia and Estonia see a prevalence of  Apple’s operating system, with 50% of all mobile page views made on devices running this OS.


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