Lowe&Partners and Delikat give a house with its own vegetable garden, part of a 4 months campaign

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Lowe&Partners and Delikat (Unilever) launched a promotional campaign that will have national coverage in Romania and that will offer to a lucky winner a country house with a ready-made vegetable garden.

Delikat’s brand message – “Taste of home – was the one that triggered the creative concept of the campaign. The whole idea started from that vivid image with grandma cooking in the house in the countryside with fresh vegetables picked from the own garden. This concept inspired the big prize, the perfect scenario which makes you think about home-cooked food.

The promotion will run between August 15 and December 16 on TV, a dedicated website and in-store, where other “taste like home” prizes are ready to be put on the table.
Is there anybody who wouldn’t want to escape the city at the end of the week, or perhaps on a late evening, somewhere away from it all, a place with smell of wood burning, wet straws and freshly-picked vegetables? We are happy that we can be part of making this beautiful dream come true and…we are looking forward to the housewarming party around a feasting table!

Ruslan Romaniuc

Brand Manager Delikat.

Aside from the big prize, the promotion also offers 18 city breaks to a country house every weekend and other 1,000 rustic prizes with Romanian folk symbols for the personal kitchen.

The condition to enter the promotion is to send an SMS and provide the promotional code from the back of the Delikat packages: Delikat Gust de Gaina, Delikat Legume and Delikat Bors Magic.

The teams involved in this campaign include:

Unilever: Ruslan Romaniuc – Brand Manager; Andreea Dragan – Brand Executive; Melek Cheosep – Trade Manager

Lowe&Partners: Marina Cordun – Copywriter; Claudia Pascu – Art Director; Catinca Nicoara – Junior Graphic Designer; Alexandra Andone – Senior Account Manager

Lowe Vibe: Alexandru Tarog – BTL Manager; Adriana Alecu – BTL Executive