Moldavian internet, dominated by 2 Russian portals and a classifieds website

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gemiusAudience delivered the 1st wave of official measuring data for the online audience in Moldavia. The 1st data for the Moldavian online audience, together with the rankings for the most popular internet pages on the market were recently released by BATI (Moldavia’s Internet and Circulation Audit Bureau) and Gemius

The results of gemiusAudience for July 2012 show a predominance of the news websites among the most popular online entities and offers socio-demographic data on the local internet users, such as sex, education level, age and region

The most popular websites that participated in the study are the Russian (1st place, Russian social network) and (2nd place, portal), while the 3rd position was occupied by a Moldavian classified website,

According to Gemius, 5 out of the 10 entities that entered top 10 are news websites. Also, the top also includes a video content website,

When it comes of the medium time spent by a visitor on a website, the medium number of page views per user and the total page views, the top looks a bit different, with outranks

The internet penetration on Moldavian market is of 50.5%.

When it comes of sexes, there are more men using internet than women, the gender gap being of 7.5% (53.75% – 46.25%). When it comes of page views and time spent online, women are taking the lead.

According to gemiusAudience data, young people, aged maximum 39 y.o., represent over two thirds of the total online population in Moldavia. The biggest group of internet users in Moldavia include young adults aged 20-29 y.o. (over 37%). To notice is also that 15% of Moldavian internet users are over 50 y.o.

In terms of region, over 50% of the entire online population of Moldavia is from Chisinau (the capital). Also, over a third from the total number of users is represented by people with higher education (licence, masters degree) or MBA/PhD, while 50% of total number of users are people with medium or low level education (48.4%).

Gemius started its operations in Moldova at the start of 2012, when the company was selected by BATI to measure online audience at national level.

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