RECMA ranked top 125 UK digital agencies

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RECMA launched its latest UK Digital guide, ranking  TOP125 UK digital agencies.  The report –  UK Digital Agency Profiles & Rankings weight of UK independents, WPP leadership in both UK & USA markets.

This report provides advertisers, agencies and major players of the digital industry detailed Profile Cards and various rankings of the TOP 125 largest UK digital agencies (based on staff figures mid-2012).  These detailed Profile Cards and hierarchies are increasingly required by international advertisers seeking to consolidate their digital account regionally or globally.  RECMA is read and used by 85 global advertisers which appreciate our objective, homogenous and accurate information. The report is accessible, for subscribers, at

The UK Digital Agency Profiles & Rankings 2012 guide is the 3rd country research to be published in 2012, with previous ones published in February (Canadian market) and May (US market). Following AKQA’s acquisition by WPP, the USA report has been updated in June. Similarly to the previous digital publications of RECMA and the Digital Agency Research Department (DARD), this UK report has been compiled in close partnership with the decision makers of the agencies studied.

DARD carried out this research by touring in the country studied or setting up call meetings with the companies presented in the Agency profiles based on a scope representative of the 4 reporting families (Advertising, Media, Specialists & Independents).

Since DARD’s  launch in November 2011, researchers have met with Managing, Sales & Marketing directors from a total of 44 digital agencies across Canada, the USA and the UK; 9 agencies in Canada, 19 agencies in the USA and 16 agencies in the UK. This research enabled the DARD to gather information, compile reports and observe variations & tendencies about each specific market.

In November 2011, RECMA published a report covering the TOP150 global digital players. It was the fourth edition of our global digital report. In addition to this worldwide focus, since January 2012, the DARD part of RECMA delivers local guide following investigations in the following top markets: USA, UK, Canada and France. Furthermore, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia will be covered in 2013. The goal of this range of reports is to clarify the digital agency industry. Since 2007, RECMA published yearly digital classifications and rankings.

RECMA is an independent privately owned research company based in Paris with offices in London, New York Manila, and Hong Kong, focusing on the media and digital agency industry.  RECMA is the only research company that publishes intelligence and benchmark data about the media and digital agency industry worldwide.

Established in 1991 in France with global expansion since 1999, RECMA investigates 40 countries, 620 agencies in order to publish Global Evaluation (Overall Billings, Specialized Resources, Compitches, Network Diagnostics, Cartography, Top 100 Global Advertisers, Intl. Core clients); Qualitative Evaluation (Domestic Reports in 40 countries); Competition  Trackings By Sector  (Pharmaceutical, food, Alcohol, Consumer Electronics, Luxury, Telecom, Automotive, Home Care, Personal care & Cosmetics, Retail & Restaurant, Financial Services and Energy); Advertisers Online Database (+28 200 advertisers with their media agencies in 49 countries); Account Moves  (Major Wins / ongoing reviews, Regional alignments, and Global Directory of Media pitch Consultants).