A businessman turns into TV host for Income Magazine program (Antena 3)

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Adrian Maniutiu will be the new host of Income Magazine business show from Romanian TV station Antena 3. The 2nd season of the program will start on September 15th, at 13.00 Romania time.

With the new host – a businessman that doesn’t have previous experience in TV world -, the show will also include changes at editorial level. Income Magazine is an integrated editorial product from Intact Media Group, that declines in print, on TV and on radio. The novelty is that the radio show is broadcasted on Europa FM ( a generalist radio that isn’t owned Intact Media Trust, but is part of Lagardère Active Radio International Group). Besides that, Income Magazine has also an online version and is present in social media, with its own page on Facebook.

Adrian Maniutiu was one of the people in “Future sounds RO”, an Income Magazine campaign that covered Romanians that chose to come back to their country although they had careers and opportunities abroad.

As Maniutiu himself said, he doesn’t have any previous experience in TV or media. Still, after he appeared live in one Income shows this summer, he was contacted and asked to participate to some casting sessions. He admitted he was surprised by the proposal to host and make a TV show and agreed to do that.

Adrian Maniutiu, son of Romanian director Mihai Maniutiu, graduated Economical Studies, attending 1st Cluj University and than German Uni-Osnabrueck and Uni-Mannheim. He also lived in Germany until 2005, but he came back to Romania and entered entrepreneurship sector, working to build a private recovery clinic.

During a meeting with journalists and bloggers, Maniutiu gave some insight on how was the TV world for him until now: pronunciation lessons, “speak with the screen” indications, shootings and preparations – all in all, lessons for safely  “break the ice” in the new role.

The 1st edition Income Magazine in the new season will find Adrian Maniutiu discussing to his guests on how to prepare to meet with the new possible food crisis, last call for getting the still available EU funds, “slow food” restaurant fashion, but also the many other subjects.

Antena 3 is a Romanian TV station part of Intact Media Group. It is also the only Romanian news station affiliated to CNN International.