Intesa SanPaolo announced the Romanian winner of Live Inspire contest

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Intesa SanPaolo announced the Romanian winner of Live Inspire, together with all winners of the contest.

The 11 winners from “Live Inspire”, a Intesa Sanpaolo Group initiative ran together with the local subsidiary Intesa Sanpaolo Bank. The campaign was made to support the launch of the new debit card Inspire launch. The most inspired photos are now available within a special gallery on the official website of the competition.

The contest attracted an extraordinary involvement from Romanian users, that express their interest by uploading many photos, contributing this way to enrich the multicultural album. A photo realized by Marina Popa, entitled “Road Art”, was selected as the most inspired in Romania.

During last weeks, a qualified jury selected for each country a winning photo from the top 5 most voted ones. Each of the 11 winners will enjoy “Inspired Tour 2012”, an exclusive 6 days trip for two in the north of Italy, where Intesa Sanpaolo has its headquarters. Besides that, winners will become ambassadors of “Live Inspire” message, by posting on Live Inspire Facebook page the most interesting photos from their trip to Italy, sharing the beauty of the country.

Launched in May, the contest involved online users to an unusual challenge: building the longest banner in the world under the concept “What inspires you today? Go beyond your limits”, that promotes inspiration as something normal in our daily lives, with no boundaries or barriers. After 90 days of inspiration in 11 different countries (Romania, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary and Egypt), the banner reached to a total length of 63,008 cm. In total, around 7,000 images were uploaded on Live Inspire platform

In Romania, the ambassadors of Live Inspire initiative  were 3 known local bloggers: Cristina Bazavan, Adi Hadean and  Cristian China-Birta.

Live Inspire Facebook page was built by Intesa Sanpaolo to create an international community for all people inspired and, in less than 6 months, the page attracted over 106,000 fans. The mobile version of the plaform was also a success and was downloaded by over 1,800 Android or Apple users.