Publicis Bucharest developed the new Orange campaign for Cangur subscription launch

Ads, Creativity

Publicis Bucharest and Orange Romania refreshed “Animals” communication campaign with a new concept, in line with the business strategy for the postpaid business: people are different and have different communication needs.

The creative concept focuses on presenting a representative character within the target, in a story that defines certain personality characteristics. From execution point of view, the ad is highlighting with key words and increasing scales the moments a certain personality characteristic is “discovered”. This fresh manner brings ads more originality and create the red line that unites the executions for different subscription plans.

Pantera is a “young executive, a young manager that makes the inspired decision to make a brainstorming with his team in other surroundings than the usual ones.

Orange also launched a new subscription plan, Cangur (Kangaroo), a friendly representation that adds to the “Animals” platform. The new subscription comes “equipped with what it takes”: unlimited Facebook and Yahoo traffic, internet, national and in the network minutes, SMS-es and special prices for the 1st smartphone.

In the well-known Orange manner, here are another 2 stories that distinct themselves from the 1st sight through their beautiful simplicity and normality. Refreshing the platform offers a new horizon, a generous one from a creative point of view. As the human typology is a continuously fresh and memorable source, we will also have for the future unlimited sources of inspiration – more and more characters, each with their unique and effervescent characteristics

Silviu Nedelschi

Group Creative Director Publicis.

 The new communication concept, so human and sincere, aims to bring a plus of freshness to Orange subscriptions communication and to show better target’s segmentation. From now on, anyone would know easier what suits him/her better…maybe also through empathy with a certain character from our spots series

Monica Popescu

Head of Consummer Communication, Orange Romania.

The ads were filmed in  more locations in Bucharest and also at Buftea Studios. The director Ohav Flantz has already a long lasting collaboration with Orange Romania. The production house was Mitra Film.

The teams working on the campaign include:

  • Orange: Mirela Bosoi – Head of Brand and Communication Orange, Monica Popescu – Head of Consumer Communication.
  • Publicis: Daniel Raicea – Head of Orange Department within Publicis, Oana Radu – Senior Account Manager, Silviu Nedelschi – Group Creative Director, Vali Petridean – Group Creative Director, Laura Leonte – Copywriter, Anca Baciu – Copywriter, Cristian Anton – Art director, Diana Papuc – Art Director, Camelia Efrimov – A/V Producer Manager.