Start for entries for European Advertising Certificate 2013


EAC, the only qualification program based on a consistent curriculum agreed at European level and targeting the young employees in agencies, is open for entries for the 2nd year.

815 young professionals attended the classes this year and 349 of them will take the exam on April 19, while 338 will receive simple certifications, with accreditation or merit qualficatives.

The certification targets exclusively the employees of agencies member in European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA), that have at most 2 years of experience in communication. The certificate offers them a profound understanding of the advertising industry and its processes, a resume of brand’s communication process and aims to complete the day to day experiences they live at work.

EAC was a great experience, an innovative way to learn and debate about all kind of subjects from advertising, an excellent chance to start your career

Elena Pomarac,

Publicis Bucharest

The online program includes 6 modules: Advertising and Contextual Communication, Client Business, Briefs from client, creative and media, Creativity and creative process, Media Channels, Creative ideas implementation. For the course purpose it is use a mix of videos, lectures, electronic papers, home-works  quizzes and discussion groups to insure variety and maintain student’s interest.

The content was adapted after Institute of Practitioners in Advertising’s Foundation Certificate, created in 2004 and produced by EACA, with support through Leonardo program (European Commision). It is comparable with IPA Foundation Certificate, but adapted as language and content for an as wide as possible European audience. Content for 2013 was expanded and improved, with a powerful focus on digital and mobile mediums, together with video lessons from experts in European industry.

The course comprises around 25-30 hours of online study, followed by a 3 hrs session of offline exam, scheduled to take place on February 25th, in the participant countries in Europe and Middle East. Participating to online classes is free, but there’s an Euro 220 fee for the exam.

We got positive feedback from the 1st generation of EAC graduates and we hope this will encourage communication agencies to come enter their young professionals so they can benefit of this fantastic online training

Dominic Lyle

General Director EACA

The entries can be made online, between October 1st 2012 – February 11th 2013, with the exam scheduled for February 25th.