Cable Direct and TVH2.0 – sales partnership starting October 10th

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Cable Direct, partly owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment company,  closed a deal with Mass Media Romania de Maine S.R.L and will be the exclusive ad sales representative for TVH 2.0 channel. The company will manage exclusively the advertising space of TVH 2.0 channel as of October 10, 2012.

Driven by the slogan “Restart Romania”, TVH 2.0 broadcasts daily and offers viewers cultural and social shows and also entertainment (movies, series and entertainment shows) and sports.

Concluding the deal with Mass Media Mass Media Romania de Maine S.R.L reveals our confidence in the commercial potential of the TVH 2.0 TV station. We will use our 13 years of continued experience to support the project TVH 2.0 “Romania 2.0” thus adding another success to the previous ones: Fox Kids, Discovery, Atomic, Cartoon Network, AXN and others made their first steps into advertising sales with us, Cable Direct

Bogdan Lazarescu

Cable Direct Sales Director

TVH 2.0 is a member of the Romanian Association for Audience Measurement. At this point, the channel is broadcasted on RCS & RDS and UPC digital networks and soon will enter on other cable networks. TVH 2.0 is the former TVRM in a new and rebranded format. Starting February 2012, TVH 2.0 came up with a new image and an improved content that fits the channel’s new identity.

Cable Direct started in 1999 as a company dedicated to cable TV advertising sales for the themed TV stations. After 13 years of continues activity the company builds a strong reputation in media industry supported by an excellent team, offering to the clients a full range of media services from A.T.L. to B.T.L. activities. Cable Direct is the exclusive sales representative for the channels:  AXN, AXN CRIME, AXN SCI FI, National Geographic Channel and National Geographic Wild.