UPDATED: A hard worked global 13 for Romanian The Practice

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Romanian PR agency The Practice ranks 13th in the general top of the most creative PR agencies, according to the 1st Creative Index of global PR industry. The top includes just 1 more independent agency, Swedish Prime PR, all others being big networks.

Creative Index 2012 was compiled by The Holmes Report and takes in consideration the results to the most important international competitions (Cannes PR Lion, SABRE Awards, European Excellence Awards and many others). The model isn’t new in the communication industry, with advertising having for years such a ranking, The Gunn Report.

We are very happy. This result is extremely valuable for any agency in the world and even more important for us, an agency from Romanian with only 14 consultants! It is a reason for the entire local industry to be proud! It’s said 13 isn’t luck. Nor 13th place in the world in PR creativity isn’t luck. It is the result of trust from clients with courage and vision that chose us and approved our innovative concepts that generated results!  It is a lot of work, ambition and passion from everyone in The Practice! A big Bravo!  to all those who contributed to this remarkable achievement

Gabriela Lungu

Managing Partner The Practice

The Practice is at home on some of the most important Festival Gala’s podiums and, just this year, won 3 Gold Sabre Awards at EMEA Sabre Awards and, most recent, won the Global Sabre in Issues Management with its campaign “Transparency is Gold” for Rosia Montana Gold Corporation. Moreover, the agency has an impressive collection of national and international prizes for the campaigns it ran for its clients.

The Practice is the most awarded Romanian PR agency, with over 100 prizes and nominees in international and local contests. With an integrated approach on communication and focused on creativity and results, The Practice goes beyond the competencies and work of a classical PR agency. The Practice was the 1st PR agency from Romania to get a Lion in Cannes (Silver PR Lion – 2010), the only Grand Prix winner in an international PR competition (EMEA SABRE 2008) and also the only Romanian PR agency that won Global Sabre Awards (2011 and 2012).

The agency is part of Leo Burnett Group Romania, that also includes Leo Burnett&Target, Starcom MediaVest, iLeo, 23 Communication Ideas, Digital Star, The Geeks, 2 Parale and 8team.

In PR, creativity is too often neglected. This report wants to highlight companies that are different from the bunch and to show that big campaign ideas can come from modern PR agencies (…) All the results presented also include efficiency parameters, not only creativity. PR campaigns are always evaluated, as it is normal, also in terms of generated results. An idea, no matter how powerful, is irrelevant if it doesn’t generate measurable results

Arun Sudhaman,

Managing Editor The Holmes Report