Romanian Online Advertising Market in S1 2012: RON 46.6M

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The value of Romanian online advertising market in S1 2012 is RON 46.6M, according to ROADS, presented, at IAB Forum Romania, by Ruxandra Bandila, Marketing & Business Development Manager PWC Romania.

ROADS, made by PwC Romania and  IAB Romania, analyses, every semester, the data regarding Romanian online advertising. The report aims, since its launch in 2008, to provide data that reflects most precisely the revenues of Romanian online advertising market.

According to most recent ROADS edition, the Romanian online market posted, in S1, an increase of 7% compared to the similar period in 2011.

Dominant as value of investments in online advertising, for the measured period, was Telecom sector, followed by Auto and Financial. Next places are occupied by Food, Drink, Cosmetics & toiletries and Entertainment & the media.

When it comes of formats, embed ones keep being preferred, followed by interuptive and sponsored content.

 In spite of the difficult context on Romanian media market, where we keep seeing publications closed and restructuring in press trusts, the online advertising segment posted a growth comparatively with the same period last year and there are premises that online advertising revenues would reach a new historical record in 2012. On the other hand, it is clear that players in the field must find new ways to monetize the online content, while big publishers must seek to bring to a common denominator the costs of advertising for traditional formats and online advertising

Ruxandra Bandila,

Director Marketing and Development PwC Romania.

The number of companies that are offering info for ROADS remained constant this year, with the same 22 companies contributing to online advertising market from value’s point of view.

The study made by IAB Romania and PwC structures the investments on Romanian online advertising in terms of advertising formats used, categories of advertisers that used online and in terms of seasonality (which months are most used in each semester)

The complete ROADS report is available for free to IAB Romania’s members, along with the similar report realized by IAB Europe. The next edition of the study will start collecting data at the beginning of 2013. ROADS will keep be released every semester, presenting the results of the previous period and offers, twice a year, the actualized data on Romanian online advertising market evolution.