Avon celebrated 15 years in Romania with a caravan handled by Propaganda Live

Events, Marketing

Avon celebrated 15 years of presence in Romania with the caravan “Happy Avon Day”, organized by Propaganda Live, the BTL division of Romanian independent agency Propaganda.

For the caravan, Avon pitched more agencies and designated Propaganda Live to implement its idea. This way, Propaganda Live was commissioned to organize a party with all Avon friends, one in which all company’s friends in 50 Romanian towns were invited to participate.

The team that worked on the caravan included 9 people, from MC to DJ, hostesses, project manager and the tech crew, that were involved in the activities week by week, for 3 whole months. This team was completed with over 400 local promoters and 70 Area Sales Managers, that coordinated 1,800 Avon leaders and representatives and took care so everything worked as planned.

Moreover, in 20 towns, Avon caravan was accompanied by live concerts, with Hi-Q being the musicians that celebrated together with Avon and Romanians in over 17 towns. Other musicians were Pepe and Alexandra Ungureanu&Crush, that had concerts in other 3 towns. Besides those, Avon and Propaganda Live brought on stages over 1,500 talented local artists.

The inventory for the event included also 25,000 anniversary baloons, 5,000 pink candies, 3,000 presents consisting in Avon products, tents, stands and pink bicycles. When it comes of communication materials, the action was supported with 2,500 posters, 80,000 wobblers and 105,000 invitations.

The caravan ended in October and meant an over 9,000 km trip made in 69 days, reaching 50 cities and 155,000 people.

The teams involved in the project

  • BTL team: Marian Enache – BTL Project Manager, Adina Leonard – Account Exec, Alexandru Boicu – Account Manager, Manuel Stanoiu – Account Manager, Anca Moraru – BTL Director
  • Creative Team:  Andrei Antonescu – Art Director, Alexandru Lazareanu – Designer,  Alex Tocilescu – Copy,  Vlad Crisu & Marian Matei – DTP, Bogdan Moraru – Creative Director
  • Avon Team: Denisa Marculescu – Sales Event Specialist, Stela Toderascu – Sales Support & Digital Activation Manager, Mihaela Nita – Communication Coordinator, Bogdan Voican – Community & Facebook Content Editor