Internetics launched QR&BR exhibition

Creativity, Events

Internetics launched QR&BR Exhibition on November 7th, at Energiea Pub (Bucharest).

QR codes and socializing were the 2 ingredients of exhibition launch, an Internetics project supported by Grolsch that had over 200 people attending.

The exhibition will be present for 1 month at Energiea Pub and includes 16 original works: innovative QR codes, with artistic installations hiding behind just 1 click the winning campaigns at Internetics.

The 1st exhibition of this kind in Bucharest, QR&BR is a successful mix of online communication campaigns, an innovative space and original exhibits, that manage to surprise artistically elements from the winning campaigns, without unveiling immediately their identity.

The exhibition shows the importance of showing the message refined and in layers, no matter if we talk of a commercial or an artistic message. Also, it aims to make phones and imagination work for all people visiting the location.

Exhibition’s concept comes from The Institute and Gavrila & Asociatii.