Over 15,000 Romanians, involved in the educational campaign “Wash your hands correctly”

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GolinHarris and Colgate-Palmolive continued also this year the educational campaign “Wash your hands correctly” for Protex. On October 15th, the international day of hand washing, the agency managed to collect over 15,000 promises to follow the steps of correctly wash one’s hands.

In the 1st stage of the campaign, with support from Romanian Red Cross volunteers and Andreea Berecleanu’s involvement, 5,000 from schools in Bucharest and Ilfov learned how to correctly wash their hands.

GolinHarris transformed the educational campaign in a large involvement action, with the stickers shaped like small hands reunited on a huge panel, in Victoria subway station. Here, over 10,000 people living in Bucharest promised they would wash correctly their hands, signing stickers and adding them to the Protex wall.

The educational campaign was also supported with a special ad, projected on Cocor building for 3 days.

After last year’s success, we were more than happy when Colgate-Palmolive decided to repeat the event also this year. we can say that “Wash your hands correctly” educational campaign from Protex become a national holiday and we can only with to gather around it, year after year, more and more Romanians

Alina Popa

Senior Manager Consumer Division GolinHarris.

The educational campaign for Protex was recently awarded Gold inside GolinHarris international network. GolinHarris awards start yearly the season of PR festivals and award top campaigns entered by the 40 offices of GolinHarris.