VEKA and Lowe – Champion of My Soul campaign

Case Studies


VEKA is a German brand, global leader on PVC systems for doors, windows and shutters


Considering the context, the dare was to consolidate a clear image for VEKA brand in consumers minds, to increase its notoriety and to bring it closer to the public. The idea was to make the brand more attractive and approachable, aiming to increase consumers’ appetite for everything VEKA and the benefits of using quality products.

Moreover, the educational and informative component of the market is very important for VEKA and the project continues the efforts started with portal launch.


The strategy was to activate online an unconventional communication, as here the targeted public is very active and as this is a channel with huge potential for outstanding executions.

To reach to a young, urban target, that likes to always be informed, the creative approach focused on dramatizing the noise. The noise was exploited and pushed to its limits, with added mystery, humor and a happy ending.

Ionut Iftimoaie was chosen as ambassador of VEKA, than the agency built around him a scenario in which a fan falls madly in love with him, choking him with love declarations that keep on being posted on Ionut’s wall. The story reaches Romanian tabloids and reach to the high point with a love song, a video dedicated to the Romanian K1 champion.

Story’s suspense was maintained with a Social Media teasing. For a week, Ionut and his fan’s Facebook pages hosted a heated dialogue between the 2, amplified by Ionut’s followers and supporters.

The publication of the story in Romanian tabloids intensified the love declarations and also determined interest from other publications, that took over the news and followed the events.

The video with the love song for Ionuţ Iftimoaie was the most intense moment of the campaign. Everything was filmed and posted on Trilulilu, where the agency came up with a page take over, an innovative tool used internationally but not exploited to its full potential in Romania. Ionut effectively enters the video story with an interactive banner that allows him to close a VEKA window over the love song, which makes his fan silent. This way, our hero saves the situation with VEKA profiles and the unbeatable sound protection they offer .


The launch of the campaign was a success, with the 1st campaign week attracting over 10,000 views and a share rate of 17%