Romanians – 2nd after Turks in interacting with brands in Social Media

Digital & Media, Studies

Romanians are on the 2nd place in Europe in interacting with brands on social networks, according to MediaScope study, made by IAB Europe. According to the source, 75% Romanians expressed their dissatisfaction related to a company’s products directly on social media channels owned by that company, while 63% posted comments and discontent related to products on their own social media pages – surpassed by Turkey (72%)

The same study shows that Romanian users are actively involved in generating online reactions on companies and brands, through ratings, reviews, support or boycott groups. On this direction.

The relation with a brand in online includes manifestation of consumers’ critical voices directly on companies social media pages. Among Europeans that do so, the 1st place is assumed by Turks (78%), followed by Romanians  (75%) and Finns (63%)

Companies’ presence in social media is important both for increasing reputation and influence, but also for direct public’s direct involvement in their activity. Brands cannot ignore online’s importance as part of the general impact they have over consumers

Ioana Anescu

Executive Director  IAB Romania.