UPDATED: Romanian Brandstalk becomes DDB Romania, takes over some of DDB Bucharest team

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(adds statements related to Brandstalk becoming DDB Romania)

Romanian creative agency Brandstalk (part of the Group – ran by Zoltan Szigeti and Mihaela Nicola) transformed in DDB Romania, by affiliation to the international network DDB Worldwide (Omnicom), according to a press release send to some Romanian outlets

DDB was already present on Romanian market, with DDB Bucharest, agency founded in mid-90s (initially Olympic DDB, later turned into DDB Bucharest).

DDB was active on Romanian market even since 1995. We are one of the agencies with the biggest numbers of creativity prizes all over the world and we are renown for the ability to adapt to business climate evolutions so that we can serve excellently our clients. That is why, in Romania, we decided to make a strategic alliance with the most sucsessfull communication group, the group

Pietro Tramontin

President, DDB Europe.

According to an official statement made by Szigeti for Hotnews, the transformation of Brandstalk is an affiliation, not a transaction.

The same source quotes Szigeti mentioning that the contract (that sees Brandstalk becoming DDB in Romania) is an affiliation one, with the agency taking over the clients and a part of former DDB’s team.

Our creative agency’s affiliation to the DDB international network is a normal evolution of our already consolidated partnership between The Group and Omnicom

Zoltan Szigeti

President  The Group.

Adding DDB Romania under the group umbrella represents another part of our promise to permanently evolve and offer the best communication solutions, ethically and responsibly, for the sake of brands we work for and for the sake of our own brand

Mihaela Nicola

CEO The Group.

According to an official communcation, Roxana Memetea, managing partner Brandstalk, will be managing partner DDB Romania.

DDB is one of the most prestigious advertising brands and it is any professional’s dream to be able to contribute to its reputation. Our clients and also the ones we will manage in the future as DDB Romania will benefit of efficient instruments, methods and unique professional approaches that belong to this network

Roxana Memetea

Managing Partner DDB Romania.

Among the clients in agency’s portfolio there will be names like Henkel, MOL Romania, Pepsico Romania, Marks&Spencer, Alpha Bank. DDB Romania – following the affiliation contract – has a team of 35 people – former BrandsTalk team plus some people from former DDB – and estimates over Euro 5M turnover in 2013.

It is a pleasure for me to be able to contribute to expanding the professional partnership with the group and consolidate it in advertising creation sector, this time in what concerns DDB brand. I am convinced that our abilities put together bring added value to the communication solutions we are offering to the existent clients and the ones that will enter, in the future, in our portfolio

Christos Papapolyzos,

PResiden DDB South Eastern Europe.

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