eMag – Euro 12M orders on Black Friday, Euro 15.73M for the entire week-end

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Black Friday, an US imported commercial event, was a big thing also on Romanian market. Most retailers, present exclusively online or also with online presence, participated to the e-comm feast, but eMag took the cake, with over 1,600 orders per minute and a total of Euro 12M orders only for Friday. For the entire Black Friday week-end, eMag posted total sales of over Euro 15M.

eMag prepared for Black Friday with over 120,000 products in all its categories, most exhausted in the first 4 hours in Black Friday’s promotion. The products prepared for the big day this year were double compared to 2011.

By definition, Black Friday is a day during which the demand is very high, surpassing the offer most of the times. This happens because the prices are so good that they change the plans of many consumers, with them choosing to buy a TV or a laptop instead of furniture or other aquisitions they already had planned (…) For this year, we prepared a double stock compared to last year and, in spite of that, all products were gone in just couple hours. We took orders, in 4 hours, as some traditional retail chains do in 3 days and that’s speaking for itself of how easy is to buy online

Radu Apostolescu,

Vice-President eMAG.

During the first 20 mins since launching Black Friday promotions, eMag registered, in average, over 1,000 orders a minute. By the end of the day, eMag clients placed over 92,000 orders on the website, buying over 150,000 products. eMag supplemented its stocked 2 times after exhausting Black Friday offers so it could cover the demand from consumers.

On Friday, November 23rd, eMag customers placed total orders of Euro 12M, over 20% higher than the initial estimates of the company. During Black Friday week-end, the total orders reached to Euro 15.73M . The discounts applied by the retail to the products sold on Black Friday were of over Euro 5M.

For delivering the products, 140 employees from eMag’s depot will worled in 3 shifts for 7 days.

How was Black Friday for eMag is shown in the following infographic (in Romanian)