Mediascope: Europeans, in love with their tablets

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A recent Mediascope Europe bulletin shows that 68% of tablet users in Europe watch TV Online on a monthly basis compared with 49% of European internet users and 50% are interested in playing games as part of ad campaigns (only 25% of internet users using other devices).

European tablet users are also more likely to buy online than other internet users. According to Mediascope, they made an average of 22.8 purchases in 6 months and 7.7 buys per month, outrunning the other internet users (15.1 purchases in 6 months and 5.2 / month)

When it comes of how much European tablet users are actually spending online, they used Euro 718 for buys made during 6 months, with a monthly average of Euro 175. The other internet users shopped for just Euro 544 in half a year, with the monthly average of Euro 148.

In their relation with brands, 49% of tablet users are interested in connecting with brands via social networks, 43% – via QR codes, 50% – via location based vouchers, 50% – via playing games that are included in ad campaigns and 44% by playing games on a brands website.

All in all, 50M Europeans use tablets to access internet, with an average of 9.3 hours spent online from tablets.  Tablet users are multitasking, going online while listening to radio, watching TV or reading magazine or newspapers. Also, they consume digitally the traditional media.  Although tablet usage spans all day long, most of people use their tablets to go online during evening.

Mediascope Europe study is consider the European standard in cross-media research among consumers. Launched in 2003, Mediascope had a major contribution in defining and understanding changes in media consumption patterns, the evolution of the media consumption and trends in e-commerce.

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