GemiusAdMonitor: Romania’s most used banners are the standard ones

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According to gemiusAdMonitor, in the online campaigns that run in Romania, the most used types of banners are standard ones  (94.2 % of campaigns) with a medium click rate of 0.2 %, followed by interstitial banners (19.4%) with a  medium click rate of 1.42%. Preroll banners – the ones with the highest efficiency and a medium click rate of 7.09% – are the least used, employed in only 2.1% of campaigns.

The research specialist Gemius, the largest in EMEA region, released its gemiusAdMonitor, that ranks the most used and most efficient online advertising formats in Central and Eastern Europe. The report offers data on online advertising formats and the main sectors promoted online on the markets from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Letonia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia.

The fact that the most advertised sectors are not always the most popular ones is forcing to find new ways of attracting internet users’ attention. Although traditional banners still prevail in the majority of campaign plans (in most of studied countries more than 90% of plans) the role of rich media banners is increasing noticeably. This trend is clearly visible in Poland, where the share of campaigns using regular banners decreased from 86% to 55.8%, with a simultaneous increase in the shares of such advertising formats as Preroll (25.5%), Toplayer (20.7%), Wideboard (14.9%) and other interactive banner types.

It seems that the usage of more clickable banners also affects the result of average CTR per country. In the first half of the year, Poland was the leader among studied countries showing the highest average CTR, 0.62%, with an increase of 16pp year on year. Slovakia is on the second position with 0.56% –  a 4pp drop in the average CTR result in comparison to the H1 2011 result. Among the studied countries, Serbia shows the lowest CTR result – 0.15%, an outcome more than 4 times smaller than in the top-ranked Poland.

The most advertised sectors in terms of ad impressions still seem to be ’Finance, Insurance and Brokerage‘, ’Automotive‘ and ’Telecommunications‘. The biggest share of impressions in ’Finance, Insurance and Brokerage‘ sector is observed in the Czech Republic – 42.5% of all ad impressions on the market. However, the amount of impressions does not mean that these areas are equally attractive to internet users. For example, ’Finance, Insurance and Brokerage‘ which is the most advertised sector in the Czech Republic is one of the least clickable ones judging by the CTR result.

The most clickable sectors vary depending on country. For example ads from the ‘Food’ sector were those that were able to attract the greatest attention of internet users in the Czech Republic, Latvia and Hungary. In Serbia and Croatia on the other hand internet users were more interested in ‘Clothing and Footwear’ ads and in Bulgaria ‘Personal Care and Hygiene’. While in Slovakia and Lithuania ‘Telecommunications’ is the most clickable sector, it is one of the least clickable ones in such countries as Croatia, Czech Republic and Hungary. Furthermore, the most clickable sector in Poland and Romania – ‘Leisure Time’ – is one of the least clickable in such countries as Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Serbia and Slovakia.

There are also some countries where most popular sectors in terms of ad impressions are also popular among internet users, like ‘Telecomunications’ in Slovakia, ‘Leisure Time’ in Romania and ‘Personal Care’ in Bulgaria. In Poland and Hungary on the other hand, ‘Real Estate’ sector ads have the smallest number of impressions as well as the smallest CTR result. The same can be said for ‘Household Products’ in Lithuania, ‘Leisure Time’ in Slovakia and ‘Media, Books, CD & DVD” in Latvia.

gemiusAdMonitor is a periodic report prepared by Gemius, basing on the results of gemiusDirectEffect (ad server for agencies and advertisers) and AdOcean (ad server for publishers) research. The gemiusAdMonitor project presents the ranking of most popular online ad formats and a wide range of indicators for internet campaigns. Moreover, the report describes the advertising activity within chosen sectors of online market such as: Finance, Telecommunications, Trade, etc. Information which may be found in the report includes average CTR for most frequently used ad formats, share of campaigns using specific ad formats, share of campaigns by sectors or most often used ad formats by sectors.