Vincon Romania and Propaganda launched a campaign for Beciul Domnesc

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Vincon Romania and Propaganda launched a communication campaign to refresh identity and brand values for Beciul Domnesc (Royal Cellar – n.r.), with a warmer and convivial approach, targeting a younger public. The campaign runs under the tagline “Beciul Domnesc, a wine for special moments”

To become leaders in premium segment for white and red bottled wine, we aim to refresh the identity of Beciul Domnesc, a distinguished, sober and noble wine. Through this new image campaign proposed by Propaganda, we want to complete the personality of Beciul Domnesc brand, building a warm image that talks about special moment together with the loved ones

Simona Hancu,

Marketing Director Vincon Romania

Propaganda made a 360 degrees communication campaign, that includes TV, radio, online and indoor in offices buildings and that takes place between November 16th 2012- January 7th 2013. The agency offers Vincon Romania integrated communication services, from strategy to branding and creative services (concept and execution), media, client service, printing and audio-video.

Propaganda-made campaign starts from the idea that, when one buys wine, he is preparing for a special moment, no matter it is a romantic dinner, a party with colleagues or an intimate couple evening.

Working on the campaign were:

Vincon România: Simona Hancu (Marketing Director), Irina Ganea (Brand Manager), Laura Oanca (Marketing Specialist).

Propaganda: Ana Necula (Copywriter), Paula Rusu (Art Director), Mihai Gheroghe (Art Director), Daniel Dobrin (Copywriter), Bogdan Moraru (Creative Director), Costin Milu (Co-Creative Director), Miriam Ivanescu (Client Service), Daniel Gherghescu (Client Service), Diana Caracota (Strategic Planner), Luciana Bodolan (Strategic Planner), Marcela Moldovan (AV Producer), Vlad Crisu (DTP), Svetlana Bulacu (Media Director), Alexandra Postoaca (Media Planner).

Director: Radu Jude