New Guiness ad


AMV BBDO made the new Clock ad within the Guinness’ “Made of More” campaign.

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Updated (Feb.7th) 

Guinness launched the new TV ad as part of its “Made of More” marketing campaign, with the commercial saying the story of a magical clock, that has the power to roll back and forth the time. The ad is up in Europe since end of January, with its worldwide launch made on TV channels in Ireland and UK.

In making the spot there were employed 162 actors, from which 150 were playing people living in the town and soldiers coming back from war. The filming was made in Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic), a town renown for its well conserved architecture.

Guiness has a range of memorable ads, made along its history. We want for this new inspirational ad to inspire all Guinness fans, encouraging them not to settle for little and to exploit to the max each day

Roccos Cosmatos,

VP Marketing URBB (that has Guinness brand in its portfolio in Romania.