GfK Romania: Internet usage in Romania increased 8% in 2 years

Digital & Media, Studies

GfK Romania made a study on internet consumption habits in Romania between 2010-2012, with the results showing that almost half (48.7%) of people aged over 15 years old used a computer in 2012, up by 8.4% compared to 2010.

The percentage of women that use internet increased more than men. In 2012, almost 50% of men and little over 47% of women were using internet, increasing by 7.7% and, respectively, 9.3% compared to 2010.

Rural areas also showed good dynamics, with a higher growth in 2012 compared to 2010: 11% more people used internet last year, reaching to 33% from the total rural population. In urban areas, 61% of people living in towns used internet in 2012, up by 6.7% compared to 2010. The highest internet penetration rate is in Bucharest, where 68% of people aged over 15 years old are accessing this communication channel.

Internet is very used by young people: 83% of people aged 15-24 y.o. use it and so do 71% of people aged 25-34 y.o. and 62% of people aged 35 – 44 y.o. GfK study shows that internet usage increased the most among mature people (35-44 y.o.), up by 15% compared to 2010. A significant increase, of almost 8%, was also shown by 45-54 y.o segment.

When it comes of education, GfK’s study shows 89% people with superior education and 52% with medium education are internet users.

The apparition of gadgets, expansion of internet providers, consumers’ openness from consumers compared to previous reluctance towards this medium are only a few factors that support the accelerated increase of internet usage. Internet users aren’t anymore a niche target. Many companies rethink their business, building strategies to approach digital consumer

Traian Nastase,

Online Project Manager GfK Romania