GolinHarris Romania and Alex Ciuca launched 2012 Media Recap

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GolinHarris Bucharest and Romanian blogger Alex Ciuca launched 2012 Media Recap, an analysis for campaigns and trends that represents a first in Romanian digital sector.

The e-book includes a collection of notable events, campaigns and inspirational case studies from last year, selected by Alex Ciuca, but also a series of analysis from GolinHarris Bridge’s specialists, recommendations and trends for 2013.

2012 Media Recap

We are part of an industry that changes continuously, influenced and connected with new technologies, but nothing changes in the basics of what we do – the idea is the only one that can get us in the top of the best. The biggest challenge for brands in 2013 is to find out the perfect synchronization between online and offline experiences and not to forget ever, not even for a moment, that they actually build campaigns around people

Anca Bundaru,

Digital Communication Manager GolinHarris.


Alex Ciuca is one of the most active Romanian bloggers and is known for his involvement in social media and for the weekly “Sunday’s Media Recap” column, that is at the base of the newly launched e-book.

I think this partnership confirms the very good relations GolinHarris team had with Romanian blogosphere during the last year. I am happy this collaboration was possible and that GolinHarris team came with a plus of content. I hope it will become a tradition during the following years

Alex Ciuca.

2012 Media Recap is referring mainly to the big campaigns in 2012: what we, the social media people and our clients, can learn from these campaigns with impressive results and, more than that, how we can transform them further. For 2013, we are prepared with special instruments that will allow us to analyze and evaluate much profoundly the impact of campaigns in social media in order to increase awareness and our clients’ sales

Raluca Duta

Community Manager GolinHarris.