Alina Tudose: CohnandJansen JWT to handle all Danone brands in Romania and represents Young&Rubicam starting 2013

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Alina Tudose, Managing Director CohnandJansen JWT Romania, said that the agency she manages represents Young&Rubicam licence in Romania starting this year, as part of the consolidation efforts made locally by WPP.

Petr Havlicek, CEO Young&Rubicam Central and Eastern Europe, explained the network needed a strong presence in Romania, a very important market in CEE.

Related to this move, likely to have a serious impact on Romanian market, Tudose and Havlicek answered a few of AdHugger’s questions.

Alina Tudose Managing Director CohnandJansen JWT

AdHugger: CohnandJansen JWT entered a partnership with Young&Rubicam for Romania. What does this partnership mean? What will CohnandJansen JWT do?

Alina Tudose: Starting 2013, as part of WPP consolidation efforts in Romania, CohnandJansen JWT was chosen to represent also Young & Rubicam licence.

This means winning Danone client, network’s most important international client.

The agency will remain affiliated to JWT, part of the same communication group WPP and will continue to act on Romanian market in the same way

Petr Havlicek, CEO Young&Rubicam Central and Eastern Europe

AdHugger: Y&R was previously present on Romanian market (Y&R Team Advertising and a partnership with Tempo). Why did you choose a new partner and didn’t continued with one of the previous ones?

Petr Havlicek: We needed a strong presence in Romania, which we consider a very important market in CEE. Also, we needed a very good and trustful partner for our big clients, such as Danone and BCR*. So it was a normal step after we separated by our previous partner. And, after we “scanned” more agencies, CohnandJansen JWT proved to be the most suited choice for us. Our vision is to be the most important partner of our clients.

AdHugger: The partnership between CohnandJansen JWT and Young&Rubicam is the signal of a regional consolidation or it has something to do with WPP operations’consolidation in CEE?

Alina Tudose: It is a sign of Y&R consolidation in the region, with Romania being a very important country for Young&Rubicam

AdHugger: What does Y&R wins from the partnership with CohnandJansen JWT? Are we talking about a partnership that the network will need to cover its clients’ needs in Romania?

Alina Tudose: Y&R wins, on long term, a solid and creative partner. We aim to offer business solutions and attractive and intelligent campaigns for Danone, to suit brand’s spirit

AdHugger: Which are the clients that enter C&J portfolio after partnering with Y&R ?

Alina Tudose: We’re talking right now about Danone account, with all its brands: Activia, Actimel, Danone, Danonino, Nutriday, Cremosso and Danette .



*According to available info, BCR works, in Romania, with Next Advertising on ATL and with CohnandJansen JWT on BTL; internationally, BCR’s ATL account is handled by Young&Rubicam.