According to studies, Romanians celebrated Valentine’s and spent more on presents

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According to info released by Romanian 2Parale, PayU Romania and Reveal Market Research, Romanians celebrated this year’s Valentine’s Day and spent more money on presents, buying them both online and offline.

Romanians spent bigger budgets for online buys and preferred to get more expensive items, like jewelries, watches or ITC products, Romanian affiliation network 2Parale informs. According to its data, on February 8-14, 2Parale generated for its networks’ 230 stores sales up 57% compared to similar period in 2012. Most online buys were made on February 12th, 2 days before Valentine’s Day.

Flowers, jewelries, watches, lingerie and items from presents shops were among the most bought items. The highest growth in the mentioned period was posted by presents (+550%), watches (+155%) and lingerie (+77%).

On the other hand, women bought for their men ITC products, with the medium order value increasing 9%, to RON 756. Most money spent for a single order for ITC products was RON  9,073.

A PayU Romania analysis shows that. in the 2 weeks that preceded Valentine’s, Romanians turned their attention towards flowers, presents, discount vouchers and clothes, with online sales up 42% compared to last year. When it comes of sales volume compared to January, flowers – a specific product for the occasion – posted a spectacular growth, with 102% increase. Online stores that sell presents, discount coupons or clothes posted growths of   38%, 35% and 8%, with the medium value of a transaction on the mentioned segments being of Euro 36.

Another study, this time from Reveal Marketing Research, showed that 50% of Romanians celebrated Valentine’s Day, most of them preferring a home celebration (44%), but also romantic dinners (28%) or partying in a club (7.1%).

With 67.7% of Romanians saying they intend to buy gifts on Valentine’s, the study also showed that women are more likely to expect to receive gifts and want as presents jewelries, flowers or a romantic dinner.

When it comes of money, Romanians studied by Reveal Marketing pull out of their wallet around RON 150 to buy presents for their loved one .