Beautiful Romanians, a Walmark project implemented together with Logo Bigger and OMD


Romanian advertising agency Logo Bigger and the media agency OMD worked together in implementing a project supported by MemoPlus (Walmark brand).

“Beautiful Romanians” is a campaign launched by Walmark to support an initiative coming from a young photographer, Matei Buta. By promoting the project in online (via the website and outdoor, the company aims to awake Romanians’ national spirit when it comes of appreciating people that, with their extraordinary results, can represent real models for the young generation and not only.

The campaign targets remarkable people that general public knows too little about, people that achieved truly remarkable results in their area of activity, such as medicine, history, theater, art and so on. Started as an initiative of Buta, “Beautiful Romanians” turned into a national campaign powered by MemoPlus.

“Beautiful Romanians” is a beautiful project, in which we believe, a project of social involvement that deserves to be promoted and that needs to have exposure to Romanian public. Together with our partner, Matei Buta, we aim to offer to people real models to follow in one’s life. We think the people Matei photoed represent a big part of the nowadays elite of the Romanian society, people we should look up to and admire. Romania needs this kind of values

Ionela Nicolau,

Marketing Director Walmark Romania.

Dumitru Prunariu, Dan Mircea Enescu, Oana Pellea, Solomon Marcus and Victor Rebengiuc are just couple of the personalities Matei Buta photographed. 28 portraits and the life stories of people in the photos are gathered in an exhibition that can be seen in Bucharest, Brasov, Constanta and online, on

The idea of the project was to conceive an image that will communicate as much as possible about someone and to have, in the same time, visual impact. As I was thinking in the start, before knowing the scope the project could get, I wanted to create an image that would get reactions on the street or anywhere it was seen. To have the visual impact of a commercial, but serving a socio-cultural objective

Matei Buta

The 1st outdoor of the project is up in Aviatiei neighborhood in Bucharest. It consists in the biggest mesh in Romania, with a surface of almost 2000 square meters. Similar outdoors will appear shortly in Brasov and Constanta.

Also, the exhibition including the 28 portraits will be available in the passage that links the 2 lines of Unirii subway station and also in the subway station from University Square.