Seed Consultants launched Aliphia, a 100% Romanian brand


Seed Consultants, exclusive Landor partner in Romania, launched Aliphia, a brand of para-pharmaceutical products.

Seed Consultants made the rebranding for its client, during a process that lasted 3 months and aimed to bring a new, positive and fresh air to the brand.

“Nature’s beauty and benefits” concept unveil company’s tradition in industry and its reinventing. The name underlines these aspects both with its semantics and it’s pharma-style writing. Keeping image associations and the notoriety of the main product –  Dr. Boici cream – and aligning the packaging architecture were essential elements during the rebranding. Aliphia’s portfolio includes 10 products.

We like the result very much and we got here due to a close relationship with Seed, that knew how to guide us in key moments

Adrian Ienin

Marketing Director

“The most promising Romanian brand” is the definition for the satisfaction of making branding in Romania, because we identify local dedicated people, products that have the potential to become brands and have potential to generate results for shareholders, employees, clients, community, state budget and Seed. Aliphia is part of this definition. We knew them at the 1st edition and we knew since than that we are going to work together. Aliphia is a bridge from our grandparents generation that know what Dr. Boici Cream is and us, the ones that will need those products for our parents and ourselves at a certain moment

Dochita Zenoveiov,

Managing Director Seed Consultants.

Seed Consultants is the exclusive Landor partner in Romania and has among its clients brands such as Austral, Silver Mountain, Income Magazine, The Mark, Siveco, Firesco, Ciserom, Laboratoarele Vorel, Vulping, Volksbank, Scandia Food, Angst, Radio ZU, Petrom City, Intact Media Academy, Novatik, Final Distribution or VipAir.