Piraeus Bank launched a new communication platform, “In dialogue with you”, together with Mather Communication

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Piraeus Bank Romania launched the communication platform “In dialogue with you”, that expresses the strategical vision of the company when it comes of building authentic relationships between the bank and its over 300,000 clients. The new platform positions the banking institution as an open bank, that gives attention to communication and relations between people, and not just between the institution and client.

The new positioning of the bank comes after a complex process of audit and brand reconstruction, that included studies at national level, interviews with banks employees, with clients and potential partners of Piraeus Bank Romania.

Piraeus Bank built its entire vision around the idea of openness and empathy towards the client and his real needs. It only needed an implementation of this vision and an invitation to communicate. This is how “In dialogue with you” appeared, a new communication platform and the first image campaign from our bank since its launch on the market

Carmen Oprisescu

Marketing Director Piraeus Bank Romania.

The story of the ad – “Ray of Light” – surprises brand’s personality, in a communicative and emphatic way.

The fact that we can dialogue with the ones around us defines us as a species. That is why we chose to talk about dialogue in a warm, relaxed and profoundly human way. Anyone can remember the light signals sent to the class colleagues with a  shiny pencil holder. And I don’t think there is someone that didn’t answer to those signals

Dani Macarie,

Creative Director, Mather Communications.

Campaign’s ad is broadcasted, for a month starting February 15th, on TV channels such as PRO TV, Pro Cinema, Antena 1, Antena 3, National TV, Kanal D, Prima TV, Diva Universal and Romania TV.