Romanian agencies Medic One and Mobile Works developed a mobile app for Bayer and Supradyn

Digital & Media, Mobile

Medic One, Romanian agency handling exclusively health communication, and Mobile Works, the 1st mobile marketing agency part of a communication group, launched SupraFit, an innovative mobile app for Bayer and its Supradyn brand.

SupraFit is available both for iOS and Android and works like a real trainer, with advises and nutrition, sports and energizing challenges, all for a healthy and less sedentary life.

The app is interactive, friendly and fun and it takes care to find out its user’s tonus and, depending on that, will know what challenges to launch to help him progress.

It is a nice concept, about a healthy life, with more sports and a more careful nutrition. How many among us don’t need to be reminded to take care of our organism and bio-rhythm? I think a lot, considering the speed and the stress we live every day. SupraFit is also amusing, with the challenges that you receive from your mobile phone making your day more fun and, if you chose to also accept them and follow the advises, they can also improve your life

Oana Cociasu,

Managing Partner Medic One.

Each day is a crazy and full of adventures race. We all need a respiro moment, when to calm down and remember ourselves. We wanted to find a way to remind everyone how important is to be healthy. And here is where we started with the concept for SupraFit app and we are launching now a nice, amusing and useful project

Roxana Sirghie,

Project Coordinator Mobile Works