Piraeus Bank and New Age Media, in campaign to promote “Rates with no interest” card


Piraeus Bank and New Age Media communicate the new credit cards “Rates with no interest”, inviting the viewers from Cinema City Cotroceni to fulfill some of their wishes with the new credit card.

The communication campaign will run for 3 months, both by broadcasting the ad in a dedicated cinema hall, but also with off-screen activations in the lobby and at the cashier of AFI Palace Multiplex.

Off-screen activation consists in a series of unconventional communication instruments, with viewers received in Cinema City Cotroceni’s lobby by an original and friendly installation, a super-sized credit card that has as only mission to make as many wishes come true for its owner

Card supradimensionat

Moreover, next to the posters that announce the movies, people can see the execution from Piraeus Bank’s campaign. Moreover, the financial institution organizes a draw, offering film vouchers.

Piraeus Bank’s “Rates with no interest” is an extensive project that combines creatively more communication possibilities that the cinema is offering. The fact Piraeus Bank Romania chose such an approach and the continuation of the project with a branding in Cinema City Cotroceni for the 4th year in the row shows that our partners convinced them that cinema is an efficient medium

Raluca Demetriade,

Sales Director New Age Media Romania (media sales house for Cinema City).

We are looking more and more to communicate directly to our target and we wish to do so in an original, creative and surprising way for the viewers. Considering previous collaborations with New Age Media in Cinema City Cotroceni, we think this campaign will be an efficient exercise, that we hope people will appreciate

Carmen Oprisescu,

Marketing Manager Piraeus Bank Romania.

The teams working on the project included

  • New Age Media Romania: Diana Popescu – Sales Executive, Raluca Demetriade – Sales Manager
  • Piraeus  Bank Romania: Carmen Opriasescu – Marketing Manager, Loredana Serghie – Advertising Coordinator.