Hannibal gets in Romanians’ houses in a pizza box

Creativity, Marketing

AXN and Jerry’s Pizza launched a branded product, a Hannibal pizza, to promote the most recent original AXN series. The special pizza will be available for 7 weeks.

The marketing campaign to promote Hannibal series includes the partnership with Jerry’s Pizza and involves a special pizza being made as a way to promote the series.


AXN aims to offer Romanians the best Hannibal experience even when it comes of food. During the campaign, Jerry’s Pizza clients can get a special offer that includes the mentioned pizza, coming to them in a special branded box.

The years of experience AXN has in promoting its programs matches our years of experience in delivering pizza. This type of  campaign is a 1st for Romania – using a pizza box to promote a TV series – and Jerry’s Pizza is proud to be part of this project

Alfred “Jerry” Dauteuil,

Owner Jerry’s Pizza.