Penny Market, Lidl and Carrefour – retailers that invested the most in advertising in Romania in Q1

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A MediaTrust study quoted by shows that, on Romanian market, Penny Market, Lidl and Carrefour are the retailers with the highest volumes of advertising in Q1 .

This way, Penny Market had the most broadcasted commercials (13,152 ads with a rate card cost of Euro 24.36M), seconded by Lidl (7,430 ads with a rate card cost of Euro 10,24M) and Carrefour (4,726 commercials with a rate card value of Euro 3.20M). The top is completed by real,- (4.335 ads, Euro 7.5M), Billa (3,294 ads, Euro 5.10M), Metro Cash & Carry (1,238 commercials, Euro 651,808 ), Mega Image (973 ads, Euro 523,317).

When it comes of the channels the commercial messages were disseminated through, Penny Market and Lidl chose TV, radio and print, while Carrefour prioritized radio, followed by TV and print.

When it comes of media outlets preferred by Romanian retailers to disseminate ads, those are:

  • Radios: Kiss Fm, Radio Zu, Pro Fm, Europa Fm and 983.
  • TV: Kanal D, TVR 2, Acasă TV and TVR 1.
  • Print: Click, Spy / Taifasuri

Most promoted FMCG brands by retailers from January to March are Jacobs, Boni and Margaritar, but also Fabio, Clever, Casablanca, Pepsi and others. When it comes of most promoted categories of products by retailers, vegetables and fruits are on top, followed by basic food, meat products and coffee.

MediaTrust’s report is based on results of monitoring 732,155 ads broadcasted between January 1st and March 31st by 20 TV stations, 12 radios and 200 central Romanian publications.

MediaTrust Romania was founded in 1999 and provides monitoring services for Romanian and foreign companies. Starting 2010, it is owned by IMM – Institute of Media Monitoring Poland.