GolinHarris communicated the secondary public offer for Transgaz

Business, PR

GolinHarris managed the media relations activities during the launch of the secondary public offer for Transgaz, the only operator of Romanian National Transport System responsible for natural gas internal transport in Romania.

The offer, coordinated by a brokers consortium  (S.S.I.F. Raiffeisen Capital & Investment S.A. – Lead Manager &  Joint Bookrunner, Wood & Company Financial Services a.s. – Manager &  Joint Bookrunner and S.S.I.F. BT Securities S.A.  – Manager) was the 1st in Romania adapted to international standards and practices and took place between April 4-16.

Communicating an offer on capital market is difficult, because it needs to take in consideration a lot of restrictions. Our role was to make the offer as visible as possible and to communicate nuanced key messages, depending on offer’s stages. We are happy that we contributed with our financial communication expertise to this project’s success (…)

Monica Botez,

Head of Corporate Division & Partner

GolinHarris Bucuresti.

We’re at our second collaboration with GolinHarris Bucharest’s financial communication team, after the listing of Proprietatea Fund (…) Transgaz secondary offer’s project confirmed one more time tous the professionalism of this team, that manages in an excellent manner this very specific and specialized communication, that includes a lot of restrictions. It is therefor very important that we had close a partner that understood not just the communication, but the entire mechanics and techniques related to the listing itself, one of the most important in the few years

Laurențiu Ciocarlan,

Investment Banking Director, Raiffeisen Capital & Investment