Two out of 3 international leaders in innovation, at Innovation Summit Bucharest

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Susan Choi and Meldrum Duncan, from  Mandalah and ?WhatIF, will have innovation sessions on May 28th, in Bucharest, during  Innovation Summit, the 1st event exclusively dedicated to business innovation.

Along with the leader companies in innovation already mentioned, the event will see present other 8 experts from structures with performances in innovation, among which representatives from BAT, R/GA, IBM or Systematic Inventive Thinking.

Innovation Summit speakers have diverse profiles and are active in complex areas of expertise, such as the development of the digital world, consultancy for innovation specific processes, experiential design, business management, research or trends analysis.

Innovation Summit also benefits of Microsoft involvement as main partner of the event, via Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10.

The last 6 months were, for Microsoft, a period of major innovation, during which we launched new versions for all our main products: Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows Intune, Office 2013, Windows Server 2012. Windows 8 is an ambitious change in Microsoft’s strategy towards devices and services and the ecosystem showed a solid increase: over 100M windows 8 licences, over 2,400 devices launched globally, 250M users SkyDrive and 250M apps downloaded from Windows Store. Another important innovation for Windows 8: we launched Internet Explorer 10, with a full-touch version and one that runs Flash, so it would offer the most complete web experience, that cannot be found on other devices

Ionut Gaota,

Windows Business Group Lead, Microsoft Romania

Microsoft’s presence as main partner of Innovation Summit honors us and makes us happy. We have a partner which, during the last 20 years, was in the forefront of digital innovation at international level and offered to business sector the tools that allowed it to be more agile, more performant and more accessible. For us, innovation doesn’t mean just a brilliant idea but more the effort to make available its benefits for a large category of users and probably nobody knew how to make this better, at a global level, than Microsoft. We are convinced that Microsoft’s innovation expertise will be a fantastic plus for the content area of the event

Cristian Hossu,

Founder Innovation Summit.

The event combines information (Think) with direct work with the presented methods (Make).

Innovation Summit sessions include seminaries that introduce the strategic vision of the experts over innovation, reflected by relevant case studies. This way, Matt Rosa (Innovation Director BAT) will present the steps that need to be make in product innovation, Claudia Nicolai (Program DirectorDesign Thinking School) presents the importance of mixing tech, business and human values within the innovative process, an approach facilitated by “design thinking”, while Daniel Jurow (VP R/GA Europe) will speak about the way innovation will develop during next couple years.

The event targets visionary leaders among which entrepreneurs, decision factors, innovators and creatives that understand the need of adopting innovation within the business processes.

The access to the event is possible via online registration, with regular registration option active until May 17th.

AdHugger is media partner of the event, along with Forbes,,,,,, AdHugger, Comunicate de, Webdigital and IQads.

Innovation Summit is an event made by Universum Events, a company built around the event architecture concept. Universum Events is also the organizer of Internet & Mobile World, the biggest digital tech event in Romania.