TreeWorks launched fbMonitor – Facebook pages monitoring and analysis platform

Digital & Media, Marketing, Social Media

TreeWorks completes its portfolio of social media analysis products with a new product, fbMonitor. The platform offers companies the possibility to acknowledge the efficiency of their communication efforts within their own facebook page.

fbMonitor presents in a structured manner those metrics that reflect communication’s efficiency on a Facebook page, both in an absolute way and also by reporting it to the competition or to a certain period of time.

Beyond the classical metrics analysis (engagement, efficiency per type of content, evolution in number of fans, responsivity, active fans, fans activity on other Facebook pages), the platform offers a series of advanced functions that aren’t available on other similar platforms. Those are:

  • a presentation module for the activity of each active fan, in order to discover which are the most involved of them and what activity they have, including on other Facebook pages;
  • Affinity of a Facebook page with other pages, through the eyes of common users
  • a system to track links shortened with and;
  • the module For Media that presents the efficiency of artcles on own publications and inside competition’s ones, both on Facebook and blogs
  • a system to mark posts with branded content depending on keywords
  • Statistics related to Super Fans, people that watch especially a certain Facebook page
  • a table with days and hourly intervals that are most efficient for the posts on the analyzed Facebook page

In the same time with the launch of fbMonitor, TreeWorks also offers for free to the general public the most complete benchmarking tool for Facebook pages (Romanian Top 500 Facebook Pages). It offers a series of aggregated data related to the performances of the most important Facebook pages in over 50 verticals (total number of fans, number of active fans, number of super fans, data on content published on hourly intervals, top of Facebook pages in terms of Talking About, top of posts in terms of the generated interactivity degree.