Romtelecom and GMP Advertising present The Big Draw

Ads, Creativity

GMP Advertising and Romtelecom launched a new campaign to show Romtelecom subscribers that they are winners without doing anything special and without paying anything extra.

Mihai Gongu explained the creative idea behind new Romtelecom campaign.

Romanians believe in luck and lucky numbers, no matter is their date of birth, of marriage or even their shirt size. With this campaign, we invite them to put a new number on this shortlist: the Romtelecom landline number. That, as we can see, brings them generous benefits

Mihai Gongu,

Creative Director GMP Advertising

The campaign aims to communicate the new benefits offered to company’s clients and do that with a different approach: Romtelecom is the place where subscribers win without doing anything special and without paying extra. The new advantages and the communication campaign make from landline telephony a friendly service from the point of view of costs and facilities offered for an unlimited period of time. This way, all Romtelecom’s private clients that have voice subscriptions with included minutes benefit automatically of unlimited talks within Romtelecom and Cosmote networks, all over Romania, but also internationally, depending on subscription’s type.

Romtelecom is continuously looking for ways to reward its clients’ loyality and trust. The gift we chose to make each month, starting the end of April, to those who have voice subscription with included minutes, brings them significant benefits: we expanded the area and intervals during which they can communicate with no limits, with no added costs and without assuming any other contractual obligation in relation with us

Ruxandra Rau,

Marketing Director Residential Segment Romtelecom.

The Big Draw campaign is on air since May 1st, with 2 Tv ads (45 and 30 seconds long). Pavel Bartos is the star in these ads and Iulian and Marius Moga handled direction and music. Besides TV, the campaign also uses print ads, outdoor, radio, cinema, in-store communication, direct mail and online

The teams working on the campaign:

  • Romtelecom: Roxana Baias (Coordinating Director Marketing and Product Management),  Ruxandra Rau (Marketing Director Residential Segment), Gabriela Lulea (Senior Marketing Specialist), Marius Cristea (Marketing Specialist), Carmen Miu (Senior Marketing Specialist), Ioana Corcodel (Media Specialist), Georgiana Petruta Pelin (Marketing Communication Representative).
  • GMP Advertising: Olivia Basag (Group Creative Director), Alina Zaharescu (Senior Art Director), Mihai Gongu (Creative Director), Ioana Cadir (Account Director), Oana Isac (Senior Account Executive), George Toader (AV Producer), Ioana Gheorghita (Head of Strategy), Monica Bondoc (DTP), Daniel Chisescu (DTP), Vali Nastase (Graphic Designer), Bogdan Stanciu (Head of Design)
  • TV ads were filmed with Saga Film