Starcom MediaVest puts youth fun habits in a new infographic

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Starcom MediaVest continues its series of infographics reunited under the umbrella “HumanGraphExperience” with a new one, “The Pursuit of Fun“, which surprises this time the entertainment habits of young people, one of the most targeted consumers segments, as they are consuming brands with high frequency and for long periods of time.

The new infographic presents detailed data on young people on 2 age segments: 18 – 25 years old and 26 – 30 years old.

As the analysis shows, 57% of the 10-25 y.o young people work less than 3 hours a dat and 80% of them aren’t in a relation and, for them, having fun is pure pleasure and adrenaline, appears often and in a spontaneous manner, with little money, in places with easy access and in big groups.

Percentages change when it comes of people aged 26-30 y.o., a segment that sees 47% of them married and 70% working more than 8 hours a day. For them, having fun is planned, following certain personal wishes, in places where one pays and in groups including people that know each other.

When it comes of sharing fun, the 1st category of young people upload more often photos and movies, mainly on Facebook, and focus more on themselves; the 2nd category is more reserved, surprising both the context and the fun moment, using last hour tech to improve the photos and apps and platforms such as Flickr or Picasa.

More info in available in the infographic below: