Nokia Romania launched “This is Lumia” campaign

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“This is Lumia” is the newest Facebook campaign launched by Nokia Romania, running between May 22nd and June 15 to promote the newest smartphone that entered Romanian market, Nokia Lumia 920.

The ambassadors of the campaign are 3 people that are representative for the communities they are part of: Cosmin Popan, one of the founders of Mechanical Orange platform, Lana, fashion designer, and Barna Nemethi, co-founder All Hollow editorial project. They will describe how they use in their professional and personal lives the most important characteristics of Nokia Lumia 920.

Each week, via the app “This Is Lumia” hosted on Nokia Romania’s Facebook page, brand’s fans will be able to see a video, locally produced and dedicated to each of the endorsers, photos and movies made by the ambassadors with their Nokia Lumia 920 and opinions on the most relevant 5 technologies of this smartphone: Nokia City Lens, PureView Camera, wireless charger, PureMotion HD+ screen and Smart Shoot.

Nokia City Lens shows me what locations I have around and what’s the distance to them. This way, I can approximate easier how long it takes me to get with the bike wherever I have to go

Cosmin Popan

Nokia City Lens allows discovering everything a city has to offer by just watching on smartphone’s screen, while with PureView Camera one can get very clear videos, even when camera is moved or the light is poor. The PureMotion HD+ screen is very bright, fast and sensitive, answering to the commands even when the user wears gloves. Moreover, the phone doesn’t need to be hooked in anymore to charge, it’s enough to use a wireless charger.

The teams working on the project

  • Nokia Romania: Beatrice Stancu – Marketing Manager Nokia Romania & Balkans
  • Wunderman Romania: Alina Dumitru – Group Account Director, Catalin Cumpanasu – Copywriter, Delia Mija – Art Director, Ionut Mustata – Senior Copywriter, Daniela Matei – Social Media Specialist, Denissa Scutaru – Senior PR, Carmen Sterian – Head of Strategy and Cristian Florea – Web Developer
  • Production team: Popski
  • Agency also thanks to: Cosmin Popan, Barna Nemethi, Lana, but also to Iulia Burtea, Oana Radu, Lucian – Bita Color, Carol 53 and Alchemia