Romanian digital courier launches 4G version

Business, Digital & Media, Romanian digital courier, officially launched the 4G version, allowing its users to transfer files of up to 4.7GB. The new version was launched after Euro 80,000 investment during the last 6 months.

Developing the new version of included investments in programming and design, buying  the hardware needed to double the hosting capacity, diversifying the co-location services, increasing interconnecting capacity with main internet providers in Romania and Europe. To confirm the safety of the service, was subjected to a security audit made by Cyber Smart Defence.

Cristian Ditoiu

For us, it is clear that people that use need it for professional purposes. We tailored the new version for people that work and want to have the guarantee that their file arrived fast and safe where it was send, without moving sticks or bother with FTP-s. For them, we created the most performant digital courier solution possible today from technical point of view

Cristian Ditoiu,


During the last year, transfered around 4M GB to 22M people. is in top 10 internet bandwidth consumers in Romania.’s 4G version offers to the users the possibility to transfer files of over 4GB without stocking limit, with receiving confirmation and withouth ads inside the personal account. was founded in 2003 and, starting 2007, focused on offering fast and secure solutions to people that use it in professional purposes. Since 2010,  entered in its offer package also the Premium service, that was offering back than the possibility to send files of up to 2GB. This year, gives the option to send files of up to 4.7 GB to the over 1M Romanians that use it on monthly basis .